Gilded Coral Crush Vanity with Chalkboard

Happy Monday!  I have a colorful and fun makeover today- a gilded coral crush vanity with a surprise inside- a chalkboard!

Gilded Coral Crush Vanity with Chakboard

I found this vanity via craigslist recently.  It definitely had some layers of old paint, and the alligator effect it had in areas led me to presume there might be some lead paint in there.

coral vanity before

As much as it would have been nice to strip it, I do not mess with lead paint.  I simply gave it a light sanding outside, and then went to work with paint.  I wanted to go with a fun color that would work for a tween or young girl, as that’s who I envisioned using this piece.  I applied the first coat of General Finishes Coral Crush (which adhered beautifully, even in areas I didn’t sand).  Once that dried, I gave it one more coat; it went on so beautifully that I only needed two coats. (This was a great lesson to me that when I use Coral Crush, I should prime first for a nice solid base coat).

Once the paint was dry on the exterior, I flipped open the top, and painted the interior with the same color,minus the underneath of the top, which I wanted to paint with chalkboard paint.  I didn’t take a picture of the inside, but it was pretty dingy and needed some freshening up.

As mentioned, I painted the flap that opened with chalkboard paint in black.

I then gave it a light distressing all over to highlight the shape.  This piece would have been lovely without distressing, but because it had layers of imperfect paint, a smooth clean finish wasn’t in the cards, so I rolled with it and distressed.

Next I applied General Finishes Satin Finishing Wax with a rag and allowed it to try (only about 10 minutes).  Using a clean dry rag, I bugged it to a hard smooth finish.

To show off its details and add some glam to the existing hardware, I used King Gold gilding wax from Catfish Studios.  And finally, the icing on the cake… I had some retro true vintage contact paper that had the perfect coral crush color in it and added that to the bottom of the inside.

Just for fun, I have got to show you the backside of the contact paper- it’s just full of ideas!  You can add it to your canisters, hamper, backsplash, or even your refrigerator! 😉  But I do admit I am jealous of the Saarinen table and chairs…

contact paper backing vintage

Anyhow, after all of that, here is the final product….

gilded coral crush vanity

As you can see, I staged it with some finds like the vintage Rya rug, brass unicorn, gold bamboo look frame, and milk glass head vase.  (All but the frame came from the flea this weekend!).   The head vase was a little treat for myself- I’ve been wanting one!

I love that even the sides of this piece have a pretty shape.



The details really shine in the gold, and I am loving the pairing of gold and coral.

gilded coral crush vanity


If you look to the left in the image below, you can see some of that alligatoring of the previous layers of paint I was referring to- this is characteristic of lead paint.  I did not test it, but it was enough for me to want to leave it alone.  Now that it is painted and sealed though, it is safe to use.  But I wouldn’t recommend eating this vanity.


gold wax on coral vanity


And the chalkboard inside is just a fun touch for its new owner.

gilded coral crush vanity with chalkboardAnd finally, here’s a peek at the contact paper in place- wasn’t the color perfect for this piece?  It also keeps it feeling a little more retro and youthful.

inside of coral vanity- vintage contact paper

I was so on love with this one that I really wanted to replace Emmy’s vanity with it…. however, this one was just a little bit wider, and her space in her closet is narrow.  So instead, I am hauling this piece over to Sweet Clover today for this weekend’s sale!  I hope it finds a new home. 🙂

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88 thoughts on “Gilded Coral Crush Vanity with Chalkboard”

  1. You are right not to mess with that lead paint, even though I imagine your brain is fully developed. DL is having to BURN the paint off our house (and it looks really cool when he’s done, but I guess we can’t leave it naked), and he has to wear all the gear–safety goggles, respirator, etc. The little vanity is so cute–and I love the gold. (I am using rub ‘n’ buff gold on all the frames in my guest room.)

  2. so many fun details! it turned out great! I recently acquired brass unicorns, too….I didn’t even realize I needed them until I had them 😉

  3. This may be my brand new favorite color! I love this makeover so much. Everything about it is just darling. It will definitely make some lucky little girl very happy!

    One question: Is the General Finishes a chalk paint?

  4. I love coral and gold together! This piece is charming and the chalkboard and contact paper make it extra special!

  5. the gf is an acrylic water based paint- it requires just a little prep with light sanding typically, but it goes on smoother than any chalk or chalky paint out there.

  6. Loving that coral! I still have yet to use it. Must find something ASAP. PS the gold accents are amazing!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  7. i am actually off this weekend. well not really off- chris is working, so i will be mom all weekend…. sarah will be at the barn! (i did all of july, so she is doing all august, minus fridays when we have a manager).

  8. I was just thinking how perfect it would be in Emmy’s room! Too bad it didn’t work, but good news for those shopping at the barn! I hadn’t known the alligator effect was typical of lead paint. I’ll have to keep an eye out next time. And, that head vase is so stinking cool!

  9. Great piece, Cassie. I’m completely crushing on the coral color. I’m in the mood to add coral as the accent in my family room but am having such a hard time finding the right shade in fabrics. Maybe I can just drag the vanity around with me 😉

  10. Okay, I am absolutely in love with this piece. Coral and gold and such beautiful lines. I wish that my mere typing could express the excitement I felt when I saw it Cassie. It. is. stunning. Featuring it tomorrow – thanks for sharing it!!

  11. thank you SO much, krista! you are the sweetest! i am still so sad we didn’t get to spend more time together at haven- next time we are making time.

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