Swap It Like It’s Hot: Spool Lamp and Gallery Wall Addition (and a link party!)

I was so excited when Jessica and Charlotte asked me to be part of swap it like it’s hot , a flea market swap. These two girls are the creative masterminds behind this project, and they are both HILARIOUS.  If you haven’t visited them before today, you must check them out! #swapitlikeitshot

I often think that if I could turn back the hands of time and rename my blog, I would call it “Thrift Ninja”!  Thrifting is one of my life skills, and I love putting it to work on collaborative blogging projects with some of the most fun people on the internet!  Just check out this line up……


Amazingly talented group, right?  So if you aren’t familiar with #SwapItLikeItsHot , here is how it works!  We each sent thrifted items to one blogger who was assigned to us.  I mailed off a package to Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies, and Dena of Hearts and Sharts mailed a package to me.  I was so excited when I opened my package that I forgot to take before pictures… womp womp womp.  #bloggerfail

I assumed I had taken before pictures when I opened the box, and set to work over the last week finally creating something.  I sat down to write this post yesterday and realized there were no before pictures, so you will have to imagine.  Dena sent me an old wooden spool, an old combination lock door, a vintage sewing pattern, and a cigar box.  I used the first two items (we didn’t have to use everything).

I started with the lock as I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it- add it to my master bedroom gallery wall and lock up a gold heart inside.  I attached wire to the back of it so that I could secure it to my wall. (Pardon the boo boo on my hand here- Jake cut me off when we were running one day and I tripped and fell over him and my hip and hand had a close encounter with the pavement).

lock wire

I found the perfect space on the wall, added a nail, and hung it.  I then used gold vinyl to handcut a small heart to fit inside.  And here it is on the wall!


See it in there?

slh vintage combination lock in gallery wall

slh lock with heart in gallery wall

I just love the greek key details of this lock!  As you can see, I set the dial on “B” for our last name.

slh lock2And here is the entire wall and if you look in the mirror you might see a little peek of something I haven’t shared yet.

slh lock gallery wall navy, gold, tealNow, let’s move onto the spool!  I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this…. I knew I wanted to paint it and I thought about using it as just a decorative pedestal.  I spray painted it white, and wanted to add gold detail.

I wrote the word “shine” in free hand script on vinyl, and then cut around it.

spool during 1

I peeled the backing off and placed it on the top of the spool (after it was painted).  I then used gilding wax from Catfish Studios to rub gold all over the top.

spool during2

I peeled off the vinyl, and was left with a lovely pedestal and I had fun playing with it, BUT I knew I wanted more.  In the meantime, I took some phone pictures of it….

spool during 4

spool during 3In the end I decided to make it a simple lamp.  I remembered this amazing industrial lamp I had seen Michelle from Decor & The Dog make, and I thought this spool would be perfect for a simple vintage style bulb.  I headed to home depot and purchased a lamp kit and followed the directions.  The trick was that there was really not a great way to secure it into the spool, so I used hot glue.  I had never made a lamp before and this might not he the wisest choice, but time will tell.  🙂  Here is what I finally ended up with!

slh lamp pin

slh lamp 1

I staged it in my living room on my desk.…. it’s not staying there.  I’m honestly not sure where it will go, but I needed to at least make it look nice for its close up!slh lamp4

And in case you are wondering….

it works!

slh lamp5

Now, if you want to see what everyone else created with their items, head on over to their blogs!  I can’t wait to see what everyone came up with!
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And if you think you are a thrift ninja, I want to see what you’ve come up with!  HIYAH!  Link up here!






56 thoughts on “Swap It Like It’s Hot: Spool Lamp and Gallery Wall Addition (and a link party!)”

  1. LOVE what you did with the stuff, but especially love the little door on the gallery wall. That is a post office box door from the post office in Avoca, Texas where my great grandmother was the Postmaster. I have several and have never known what to do with them. Great idea! Pinned!

  2. I loooooooove your spool! And the door looks SO good on your gallery wall! I’m so so so so happy that you played along with us. One of these days I’m going to scoop up some of your thrifted goodies for myself! xoxoxo

  3. I love love your idea of hang up the little combination lock door, its genius! I remember seeing those similar vintage doors in old post offices when I was little & seeing the hear peek though is super sweet. Love how you used it!!

  4. You made a good choice to make that spool a lamp! I’m secretly obsessed with making light fixtures, so I really love it! Also, your gallery wall makes me happy to look at it. You know how to work it with bold, dramatic color and all the gold/brass accents that make it all look expensive and classic. Good work Cassafrass. 🙂

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