Fairy House & Bird Nest Pumpkins ( #TrickYourPumpkin)

I was not paid for this post, but I was provided with a gift card to Michael’s to purchase my supplies.

I was so excited when Michael’s contacted me to participate in and help promote their #TrickYourPumpkin campaign going on right now!  This campaign includes a chance for one lucky creative person to win a $250 Michael’s gift card and Plaid products each Friday through Halloween!  All you have to do is come up with your own creative pumpkin project and share it on instagram with the hashtags #TrickYourPumpkin and #sweepstakes and tag @michaelsstores for your chance to win!  Michael’s invited me to get a little crafty and trick my own pumpkin, too.

Michaels_TYP-IG_A04 (2)

Saturday morning, Emmy and I headed off to our local Michael’s to pick up supplies. Emmy was really excited to be involved with all of the shopping and planning; this project was definitely inspired by her.  We gathered everything we need, including two craft pumpkins- a small white one, and a medium black one (I was thrilled to see they had black!) and headed to the check out!



Once we got home, we laid out all of our supplies including moss, a bird, a butterfly, a nest, a mini topiary, little log slices, and lots of miniatures.



Can you see where this is going with these supplies?  We planned to create a fairy house as well as a bird nest pumpkin!

I began by using my jigsaw to cut holes in the pumpkins.  This step was one that Emmy of course didn’t help with.


We started with the nest pumpkin and loaded the bottom with moss.  We placed the nest on top, and placed the bird inside.  We also draped some of the more decorative moss coming out of the opening.  We didn’t glue this one in place as we thought it would sit just fine.  (We thought….. until one puppy came along…. more on that later!).

For the black magical fairy house pumpkin, we started by laying moss on the floor and I hot glued that into place.  Next I had Emmy place things where she wanted them, with a little guidance from me.  I hot glued everything into place.  FYI, the little topiary was too big, so I twisted it until it broke, and used the exposed wire to stab into the base of the pumpkin.  (Before I stabbed it into place, I placed a glob of hot glue on the end to help it stay in place).



And when we were all done, we had a couple of pretty, magical garden pumpkins, and one very happy little girl!

Emmy with fairy house pumpkin and birdhouse pumpkin


And here is where you will see the close up pictures, and see that the bird is NOT the bird I bought at Michael’s because Catcher destroyed that bird and strewed moss all over the living room, and also left teeth marks in the white pumpkin.  So, yeah, sorry, Michael’s, but the dog ate my homework.


Luckily I had a little glitter bird waiting in the wings, so to speak, and extra moss, and was able to salvage it. 🙂

bird nest pumpkin #trickyourpumpkin

Check out those teeth marks!  But this pumpkin is a survivor, and still so pretty!bird nest pumpkin #trickyourpumpkin

On the other side of the hearth sits the fairy house pumpkin.  We had so much fun with this one!

fairy house pumpkin #trickyourpumpkinHow adorable is the miniature bistro set?  And who knew they had tiny pink toadstools?!?
Fairy House Pumpkin #trickyourpumpkin

We thought these little brooms were fabulous as well, and added  a little touch of Halloween.fairy house pumpkin interior #trickyourpumpkin

Emmy created this sweet little path out of wood slices we found at Michaels.

fairy house pumpkin log slice path #trickyourpumpkin

And she was dead set on getting this little “love” stone as the entry stone.

fairy house pumpkin #trickyourpumpkin


Here it is sitting on the  hearth.

fairy house pumpkin #trickyourpumpkin


I really love how these turned out and work with the current mantle/hearth Halloween decor I have going on.fairy house and bird nest pumpkins #trickyourpumpkinAnd here is a little peek at my mantle, which is also decorated for the holiday!

fairy house pumpkin and bird nest pumpkin #trickyourpumpkin

Now it’s your turn!  Get creative, share your images on instagram with #TrickYourPumpkin and #sweepstakes and tag @michaelsstores for your chance to win one of the $250 gift cards!

fairy house pumpkin and bird house pumpkin #trickyourpumpkin I can’t wait to see what some of you come up with- good luck!  Please click here to see all sweepstakes rules.

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76 thoughts on “Fairy House & Bird Nest Pumpkins ( #TrickYourPumpkin)”

  1. Oh Catcher! We recently got a puppy too so I feel your pain Cassie. Bella our 3 month old black lab ate my silver/grey velvet chair – yes she ate it! No chewing on it for her somehow it must have offended her with it’s velvety fabric so she consumed the corner of the chair!

  2. he also ate one of those sticky hands- you know the kind i am talking about? chris thought he saw blood in his poop, but no, it was just a sticky hand…. 😉

  3. I LOVE them, Cassie! Both are so adorable! Your entire mantel area is so pretty! Beautiful work! And it’s just impossible to be too mad at that cute face! lol

  4. Love them both, but the Fairy House is just so darn cute! Oh to be a mom of a girl again! You’re making the BEST memories!

    great job ladies!

  5. We are totally inspired and are heading out today to get our supplies! the girls love a good fairy house and since w have one “living in the backyard”, she’ll need a place to stay over the winter! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Oh my goodness those are adorable. I love this project Cassie. I am shaking my finger at Catcher bc he ate your homework, but then again, not too much because he is just too darn cute 🙂 I love that little bistro set and the toad stools.

  7. Those darn toddlers…always putting things in their mouths! THese pumpkins are adorbs and what a great mother/daughter project. (The only mother/daughter project Lib and I tackle is splitting a bottle of wine.)

  8. Your pumpkins turned out so cute! I love that you Emmy did this together. A creative mother/daughter duo. Catcher added his personal touch, too. 🙂

  9. thank you so much, roeshel! emmy and i had a lot of fun- and yes, it is hard to stay mad at him, especially since all he wants to do is cuddle my feet today.

  10. This is SUCH a brilliant idea–LOVE!! Great job to you and Emmy. And, clearly, Catcher was just trying to help. The teeth marks, umm….add character 😉

  11. thank you so much, gretchen!!! the teeth marks were part of the plan… it’s a shark attack pumpkin. 😉

  12. You are so freaking creative. I love how it’s right at home with your fawns 🙂 Gaw, Archer is getting a hold of everything in sight. In the 30 minutes he has been up I’ve had to rescue a sock, a little person toy, a wooden domino, and a paper towel from his mouth. I don’t even know where he found all of those things! I should put him on the lookout for my missing sunglasses and SD card. Truth is, he has probably already found them :/ And now he just tried to swipe an entire box of tissues out of my hands…..

  13. ha ha! that is too funny! i feel your pain. catcher has become vicious when it comes to food and water and growls at jake and attacks…. this morning i had to hold catcher just so jake could eat his own food. he is such a freaking pig.

  14. What a wonderful mother/daughter project and your pumpkins are just so darn cute! I love that you started with black and white pumpkins. They go so perfectly with your mantel!

  15. Hey! I just found this on the My RePurposed Life link up. One it’s awesome and two, I think I follow you on Instagram with the #thriftscorethursday ! I’m so happy I found your blog! This is so stinkin’ cute!

  16. This is just too pretty for words – the nicest one I’ve seen yet !
    I did a fairy village this summer – but this is even cuter!
    Thanks for sharing

  17. Just about the cutest pumpkins I’ve ever seen – I am in love with this idea. I am totally surprised how much I want to try making one, it’s not what I would normally make at all, but I love it!

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