Organize Me Pretty: Using Vintage In the Kitchen

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I was honored when Ursula asked me to be a part of her Organize Me Pretty Series! Obviously Ursula has never been to my house, because if she had, she may not have asked me! 😉 I am not always the most organized person. “It’s all up here,” I say, as I tap my head.

I thought long and hard about what I could write about, and the truth is that the kitchen is where I am the most organized (in my own Cassie way).  I always dream of having a beautiful pantry and all matching containers, but as it turns out I am one of those people who uses what I’ve got; and what I’ve got is a lot of vintage that makes for perfect kitchen storage.

kitchen111Can you spy some of the vintage pieces being used for storage?

To the left of the refrigerator I have an old minty green chippy filing cabinet.

vintage filing cabinet as kitchen storage

I love the character it adds to my space, but it’s also quite useful.  As you can see the top open shelf stores a variety of our every day glassware and mugs.  (The Star Wars glasses are Sawyer’s and every drink he has is served in those!)

glasses in old filing cabinet

The three drawers are also perfect for kitchen storage.  We don’t have much of a  pantry or much cabinet space anymore, so I use the top drawer to store all of our bread; the middle drawer is a necessary evil, the junk drawer; and the bottom drawer holds all of the random mugs we have (and we have several as friends know I like my coffee).

Above the filing cabinet, I have some vintage glass canisters that hold random goodies and important things like m&m’s.  And behind that I use a vintage child’s pool table top as a memo board to hold the kids’ art projects.

vintage kids pool table top as memo board

To the right of the refrigerator, we have an inexpensive industrial shelf, and I’ve used vintage crates and more to keep it organized.

The top shelf is where we stack all of our pots and pans.  Of course, they all have lids to go with them.  Can you spy the lids?  They are all being stored, along with colanders, in the wooden crate to the right.

industrial shelf for kitchen organization And as you can see I’ve got vintage jars in front of the crate to store nuts.  We love to snack on nuts, so we’ve gotpistachios, almonds, and cashews always on hand in these fancy vintage crown jars.

vintage jars for dry goods storageThis shelving unit also holds all of our baking goods as well as electronics.

industrial shelf and crates for storage in kitchen

The baking items are all stowed away in a wooden crate, and all of the small electronics are in the crate on the very bottom shelf.  Small electronics are always so awkward when it comes to shelf placement, but tossed in a crate, they don’t look so bad from the outside.  Inside is another story….

org industrial shelf 3But none of my guests typically go rooting through my crates, so what they can’t see can’t hurt them!

Our kitchen also features open shelving, and I use it to hide some of my necessities as well.  And by necessities I mean coffee.  And Splenda.  Can’t. Quit.

BSHT Kitchen 11

I found these adorable Polish vintage coffee and sugar containers at one of my favorite shops years ago.  I don’t actually use them for coffee and sugar, but they do look cute on the shelf!vintage canisters to organize in the kitchen

The pale blue coffee canister actually collects our Box Tops for Education throughout the year, and the sugar canister holds packets of splenda.

vintage enamel canisters for kitchen storage

And that white “coffee” canister you see with them on the shelf? Guess what it holds!

org coffee 2

My precious….. It holds my coffee, which currently happens to be Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice, and it’s DEEEE-licious!

Finally, I want to share one more space in the kitchen with you, our island.

industrial kitchen island

Our island holds all of our every day dishes, crates to store cutting boards and more.  And you can also see there is a stack of games- this is where we store the family favorites for easy access.

open shelving on island for every day dishes and vintage crates for storage

At one end of the island I have steel industrial shelves that I bought for a song.

vintage electrical industrial drawers for silverware storage

Though they look vintagey and slightly crusty on the outside, the inside was in clean and great shape!  This is where we store our silverware (not to be confused with electrical meters).  I purchased drawer organizers from Ikea that fit just perfectly!

vintage electrical industrial drawers for silverware storage


And that, my friends, is how my kitchen is more or less organized in its Cassie fashion.  Thank you soooo much to Ursula for having me in her Organize Me Pretty series!
Using Vintage Finds for Kitchen Organization

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